Lerocque Unveils "Gimme Some" Music Video
Portuguese-born, Swiss-raised/based artist Lerocque, the moniker of Pedro Rodrigues, has just unveiled the official music video for his new solo single Gimme Some. I fell in love with his deep, rich vocals that ooze so much heart and sensuality and soar effortlessly over the smooth melodies packed with lush piano keys and groovy guitar riffs. There's a soul vibe to the song that makes it extremely captivating and makes me want to play it over and over again. Watch the accompanying music video below!

Speaking about the song Lerocque said,
The moment someone enters the room and casts a spell over you. When everything else suddenly becomes irrelevant. A small glow turns into a blazing fire. Wild, free, without any obligations - live fast, die young. Time seems to stand still. But what if the arrow still hits its target after all and your heart starts to take over? Well, winning is only for those who dare. Losing is for everybody. You’re hooked. So you cross the line and give yourself into the melody and rhythm of this magical moment, until you’re completely immersed in this quicksand of passion. What's gonna happen? Who knows. It's all about this moment ... and right now you want more ... and more ... Gimme some more love!