Mikarlo Unveils Debut Single "Blue"

Mikarlo Unveils Debut Single "Blue"
California-based singer-songwriter Mikarlo has just unveiled his debut single Blue. This is a catchy piece of pop music, with a cool, laidback beat, infectious melodies and smooth vocals. The song is a great addition to a party or a relaxing weekend at home. Behind the infectious melodies and laidback vibe the song's lyrics go deeper as they deal with toxic relationships that one just can't let go. Overall this is a cool pop song and a good introduction of his music to the world. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Mikarlo said,
This song is about how someone can break you, be completely toxic and yet you can't help but still cling to them. As if you're trying to fill that void that they left but utterly destroying yourself. I wrote this song by myself and it was inspired by not only relationships, but friendships...even relatives because anyone and everyone will hurt you and sometimes you just can't let go. It was a way to say something that I could never say in person to those people. Maybe someone else could use it in that same way.
Writing songs since the age of 12, Mikarlo had no problem cranking out tunes but he didn’t start singing until his Junior year of High School in 2011. He moved to the Los Angeles to attend college and pursue a career in music in 2012, straight out of high school, but ran into the problems most artists face in LA. He found it difficult to get the musical ball rolling, as he was not seen as an artist, but as just a songwriter. His influences range from Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey and Troye Sivan to Skylar Grey, Madeon, and Nat King Cole.

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