Lakelands Unveils New Single "One Life"
Time for some uplifting pop music. American artist Lakelands has just unveiled his brand new single One Life! I fell in love with the song's positive, feel-good energy and anthemic chorus. It's a song about making the most about our lives, to live the moment and not dwell on the past. After all, we only get one life!

His vocals fit perfectly into this genre and perfectly convey the emotion of the lyrics. If you are into uplifting pieces of indie-pop music with punching drums, brassy synths and a choir-esque anthemic chorus then you will love this song! Stream it below!

Lakelands is a native Pacific Northwestern indie pop outfit steeped in driving themes of challenge, spontaneity, and adversity in the form of spirited anthems and heartfelt ballads alike. Drawing influence spanning from pop-punk to gospel, Lakelands means to inspire and empower the wide-eyed and young at heart.