Josh Beech unveils new track ‘No Trouble’
South East London singer-songwriter Josh Beech has just unveiled his brand new track No Trouble, a groovy piece of indie/alt-rock music featuring DZTROIT. There's a laid back groove to this song that is highly captivating. Really enjoying the way his vocals soar over the melodies packed with punchy drums, groovy guitars and electronics. Stream it below!

Speaking about the track Josh said,
I'm really happy to finally share some new music, it feels like it's been forever since I released any music under my own name and its felt weird not putting out any new songs for so long! No Trouble is my first solo release in over 3 years and it's a slight departure from my normal solo material. There isn't any folky guitar in No Trouble for a start and this song is also my first solo recordin that's not so solo! No Trouble was a writing collaboration between myself, Brothers James & Joe Dzuris and Brent Kutzle (One Republic).
Exquisitely arranged instrumentals providing the perfect backdrop for Josh's vocals. Known for his catchy songwriting, unique vocal style and commanding on-stage presence, Josh has spent his career dabbling in multiple genres, from hardcore punk to electro-infused pop. With No Trouble he shares his unique blend of alt- rock.