Jake Fields Unveils New Single "The Other Side of Waiting"
Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Jake Fields has just unveiled his brand new single The Other Side of Waiting, an energetic piece of pop/rock music.

I am really loving the driving guitar riffs in this song, and how they are perfectly paired with the energetic percussion. This is a song that gives the listener a big dose of energy from the very first listen. With its anthemic chorus and dynamic melodies, the song is perfect for radios and to set the mood for a fun road trip. There's somewhat of an early 2000s alt-rock music that takes me back to my younger days. Overall, The Other Side of Waiting, is a dynamic piece of pop music with cool guitar riffs and punchy percussion and great songwriting skills. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Jake said it,
is an ode for leaping into something new, which is akin to me releasing music now and establishing myself as an artist. It’s inspired musically by some of the indie-pop music I’ve grown to love.
The Other Side of Waiting is an ideal example of Fields’ natural songwriting skills and deep musical intuition. Channeling his sound from artists like John Mayer and Paul Simon, Fields manages to maintain a tangible individuality, while also building on his greatest inspirations. The Other Side of Waiting was produced and co-written by Jim McGorman, an established producer and touring musician known for working with artists such as The Goo Goo Dolls, Avril Lavigne, and Marc Broussard.