ECKOES Unveils ‘Without Prejudice’ Music Video
London based artist ECKOES has just unveiled the official music video for her single Without Prejudice, a stunning piece of dark electronic music. The haunting and sci-fi inspired video was directed by Dale Rook and is as stunning as the song, focusing on the statuesque 6ft Londoner's gentle movements. Watch the captivating visuals below!

Speaking about the video ECKOES said:
As I untangle myself more and more from what people think, I can really feel myself blossom. This is the first one of my videos that I appear in, so it’s a landmark for me. It’s courage, it’s expression, it’s faith in my creation and the audience to come on this journey with me.
I can't get enough of her tender and haunting vocals flowing over the raw, dark melodies packed with dizzying electronica and abstract rhythms. Those lush piano keys and bass are simply breathtaking! I am loving the bass and the delicate piano keys that highlight the emotion behind the lyrics.