C Z A R I N A Releases Transformative ‘Painted Holograms’ Album
Brooklyn-based, rising Synthwave Pop and Electronic Rock artist, musician and producer, C Z A R I N A has just unveiled her brand new album Painted Holograms.

Overcoming heartbreak and embracing self-discovery, C Z A R I N A (aka Vero Faye) channels her trials into a carefully crafted set of songs that depict the turmoil and reward one goes through in search of themselves.

The album's sonority draws inspiration from 80s tech noir film composers such as Vangelis and Clint Mansell and it gives me vibes of movies like Tron and Blade Runner. If you are into a new wave of synth pop then you will enjoy this album.

All songs on Painted Holograms were written, composed, produced, arranged and performed by C Z A R I N A, except for Burn which was originally written and performed by The Cure for The Crow Motion Picture Soundtrack. Joe Peretore led the production and synth design for both mixes of Silence & Surrender and provided additional arrangements on tracks such as the cosmically dreamy Gravity and electrically-charged Parallel Lines. 

Her rich vocals standout among the electronic production providing a dose of extra emotion to each track. I've got to say that my favourite song has to be Silence & Surrender, thanks to its darker vibe and gorgeous synths works. Stream this project below!