Norwegian indie-pop duo Closed Doors, comprised of multi-instrumentalists and songwriters Shivan and Julian, have just unveiled their brand new single Home, a beautiful pop song about a heartbreak. 

What first caught my attention was Julian's smooth and soulful vocals that provide the song with an extra dose of emotion and an R&B vibe. The highly infectious production is packed with smooth rhythms and electronics, radio-friendly choruses and an overall laidback atmosphere. Home is a great piece of R&B-tinged, electro-pop music perfect to keep you warm in the coming cold days of winter. Stream this gem below!

Speaking about the song Julian said,
’Home’ is a song based on a relationship that has ended. She has started to move on and to see other people, while he’s still in grief - longing for her to come back. At this point he just wants to know who she’s seeing and who’s taking her home, both physically and mentally.
Shivan added,
The message with the song is to show people that it’s ok to be emotional when you’re left heartbroken.