Claire Ridgely Unveils New Single "California"
Canadian singer-songwriter Claire Ridgely is back with her brand new single California, a song about following our hearts regardless any fears of not fulfilling our dreams. I am loving her smooth, soothing vocals. They are a pleasure to listen to and flow effortlessly over the electronic production. Not only she's an awesome singer but she's also a great storyteller and captured my attention from start to finish. This is an incredibly smooth piece of pop music, with a laidback vibe that makes it perfect for those chillout weekends at home. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Claire said,
This song is about my idealization of the Los Angeles lifestyle and dreaming about the wonders this place could do for me as a musician. Although California seems like a shining beacon of hope for creatives, many artists have been lost along the way. “California” is about deciding to follow your heart regardless of a fear of falling short of your dreams.