Chel Unveils New Single ‘My Name’

Chel Unveils New Single ‘My Name’
Pop singer-songwriter Chel has just unveiled her brand new single My Name, a song about being confident in being yourself and not caring what people think about you.

I am really enjoying the high-energy production of this song and her vocals soar effortlessly over the infectious melodies. The song oozes attitude and fierceness with an overall IDGAF attitude, that highlight's her powerful lyricism. My Name is definitely an empowering anthem wrapped around an energetic, pop-fueled production with infectious hooks. Stream it below!

Speaking about My Name Chel said,
A name is one of the most valuable things a person owns. For me, “My Name” is a statement. I spent most of my life killing myself over what people thought of me. I listened as people used my name as their punch line. This song is important to me because it drips confidence. At some point in my life, I decided to take back control and to own who I am. I went through a metamorphosis. I realized that if people were talking about me, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I realized that if I am happy with myself, eventually other people will learn to be happy as well and if they can’t… well I just don’t care. “My Name” embodies this message. I’m not trying to be perfect, I’m trying to be me. If I’m still relevant enough to talk about, I must be doing something right.

Coming from a challenging start in St. Louis, MO, Chel was told for most of her life that she did not have the body type or look to succeed in the music industry. She was ridiculed, insulted, and even physically bullied on a regular basis. Through it all, two things became clear to Chel. She discovered that her outward appearance was directly correlated with her inward appearance and that her dreams were not going to chase themselves. Chel started to love who she was becoming and to believe in her abilities and soon, sparks began to fly.
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