The Modern Strangers
British 5 piece Indie-Disco band The Modern Strangers have just released their brand new single, Red Strip Lights, via their very own Hoolay Records. I am really enjoying the latent summery vibe of the song, especially coming from those awesome vocals and infectious chorus. The song is packed with tons of groovy synths and percussion that give the song a disco-infused, upbeat vibe that will get you dancing in no time. Stream this indie gem below!

Speaking about ‘Red Strip Lights’ they explain,
“Red Strip Lights is actually a very young song. We wrote it at the end of summer after a long stretch of festivals. I guess you can hear that in the song. We wanted to make a tune that sat in-between ‘Coco Hello’ and ‘Margarita’ but gave a little something more. It’s about a troubled soul who you’d find out and about trying to find a club that’s still open.”