Sleepy Tom Unveils New Single "Move" ft. Sophia Black
Vancouver-based producer Sleepy Tom - the rising producer who produced dance hit Be Right There with Diplo - is back with a beautiful new single called Move. Providing the lush, ethereal-like vocals to this song is Los Angeles-based singer Sophia Black.

As soon as I heard the song I knew I was going to love it. There's a funky groove in this song that's simply hypnotic (with a Daft Punk vibe) and makes me want to dance. The guitars are on point and add a coolness to the song that contrasts with Sophia's smooth and dreamy vocals. The highlight of the song has to be the saxophone solo, which amps up the funk atmosphere of the song and will bring everybody to the dance floor. Demonstrating versatility as a producer, instrumentals crossover to funk and jazz realms propelling the single to heights that rise above regular pop releases, whilst its energy still cements Move as a dance friendly tune! Stream it below!

No longer restricted to one genre, Sleepy Tom explains:
I started to feel confined to making strictly dance music. I wanted to explore pop song structures, more real instruments, more hooks – basically, to create a more accessible and intimate experience for people listening.