SANiTY unveils new single "Zession (Life Lessons)" ft. Cuul & Sono
Saturday night means party time and I've got just the perfect track for you! NYC-based electronic dance music DJ/Producer SANiTY has just unveiled an insanely energetic piece of electro/progressive house called Zession (Life Lessons), featuring Cuul & Matt Eclectic. This is 7 minutes of pure bliss and off the charts energy. SANiTy delivers here a powerful track with groovy synths and an addictive beat that will get you dancing in no time. Cuul's vocals provide the song with a perfect anthemic vibe while Matt Eclectic's energetic rap gets the listener eager for an amazing drop. Zession is a perfect Festival song to get the crowd all hyped up and dancing like crazy. Stream this gem below!

Speaking about the song SANiTY said,
When pitching the idea to the songwriters, I came up w/ the concept of "What doesn't kill you makes you vengeful". Basically, The main idea is a person who has gone through a lot and has indeed persevered -­‐-­‐ but has become an overall darker person because of his/her experiences. This particular person is out to teach the world a lesson and no one is stopping him/her. It's like revenge-­‐seeking in a way, and it can be direct or indirect. That's open to your own interpretation. The song shows off @sono_soundz' crazy capabilities as a rapper and songwriter, and @cuulmusic's amazing voice and songwriting skills are put on display front and center. The song in general (the original & vocal mix) has elements of dutch house, electro house, progressive house, psytrance, and g-­‐house. Relive the throwback era of EDM with this one y'all. An EDM song w/lyrical and conceptual depth. I hope you enjoy our art!