ROYAL Unveils New Single "Vessel"

ROYAL Unveils New Single "Vessel"
Canadian pop singer-songwriter ROYAL has just unveiled her brand new single Vessel, produced by Luca Fogale and Sean Wharton. This is a beautiful piece of electro-pop music with haunting harmonies and lush, soulful vocals. Another thing that won me over on this song was its melancholic atmosphere which is something I like in music! Stream this lovely song below!

Speaking about Vessel, ROYAL said,
This song is a story about heartbreak, letting go of someone you love and then realizing the emptiness and loss of identity that ensues. I wrote this song after being completely shattered by a relationship that I had given my life to, and had believed would last a lifetime.
Vessel is the first track from ROYAL’s upcoming second album, Heart of Shadows, which will be released on November 2nd.
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