LOVE SICK Unveil New Single "Medusa"
Scottish duo LOVE SICK have just unveiled their brand new single Medusa, taken from their upcoming EP, No Sleep, which is coming out on November 16th on Aesop. I am really enjoying this piece of dark electro pop music. The synths are on point and Julie's vocals make you feel each and every word she sings. The chorus is stuck to my mind and I can't stop singing You cut my head off and ask if I'm okay. Stream this lovely piece of electro-pop music below!

Speaking about the song the duo said,
The song came about after Julie had been reading about the Greek mythological story of Medusa - the goddess cursed to become a monster with hair made of snakes who could turn people to stone for just looking at her. 
Medusa was essentially an unfortunate cursed victim of circumstance. We became obsessed with her story and wanted to re-imagine it in a modern context - determination against all odds and remaining positive even if life isn’t going the way you planned.