Houses releases new EP ‘Drugstore Heaven‘
LA-based songwriter/producer Dexter Tortoriello, AKA Houses, has just unveiled his brand new EP, Drugstore Heaven, out now via Downtown Records. Each song is accompanied by short films which makes this both a listening and visual experience. If you are into alternative music you will love this EP.

Speaking about Drugstore Heaven Houses said,
In the past I’ve felt self-conscious about the person I put forth in my music, but these songs feel very reflective of who I really am.
Houses’ music and visuals draw from the darker side of ‘80s and ‘90s pop culture, masking disturbing tales of drug abuse and mass surveillance behind bright electro-pop stylings and euphoric rave references. To expand this subtly unsettling universe, the directing team of Brook Linder (Beck, Nine Inch Nails, Spoon, Stephen Malkmus) and Nick Roney (Lil Yachty, Belly, Lemon Twigs) recruited actors Jaleel White (Family Matters), Patrick Renna (Sandlot), Nicole Eggert (Baywatch), and Jason James Richter (Free Willy) to separately star in shorts that are at once dark, surreal, cynical, and humorous. The resulting clips perfectly illustrate the central tension of Houses’ music, which is both familiar and alien, comforting and subversive.

Director Nick Roney explains,
We wanted to take something well known from a previous era - child stars - and re-contextualize them in a way you haven’t seen. This puts the shorts in an eerie zone where they feel familiar and unrecognizable the same time. Together they form a pop culture mystery stuck somewhere between two times and two feelings.
Stream/watch this EP below!