Heren Wolf Unveils New Single ‘I Gave You Flowers’

Heren Wolf Unveils New Single ‘I Gave You Flowers’
Time for some music for the soul. London-based Italian singer-songwriter Heren Wolf has just unveiled his sophomore single I Gave You Flowers, a cinematic, expansive record, which uses the imagery of a flower representing the fragility of human emotions. 

I am a sucker for melancholic tracks and this one is perfect for me. Heren's soulful vocals convey the emotion of the lyrics, which deal with the feelings of grief and confusion after the passing away of his father. Those vocals are absolutely amazing and really make you feel what he went through. Musically, the song has a profound cinematic atmosphere, with melancholic piano keys and infectious guitar lines. I can't stop listening to this song! Check it out below!

I Gave You Flowers is intended to reassure himself and his sister that they can escape from their pain. Speaking about it he said,
It is a song that arrived at a difficult time in my life. These words have helped give me a voice to the confusion and feelings that I carried, and still carry. It is a reaction to a loss. To a void that a pilar in your life leaves when they go away forever.
The song showcases his incredible songwriting skills, channelling his emotions into a song which oozes maturity and individuality.
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