GLOSSE Unveil New Single ‘Malibu Long Haul’
British Dark-Pop act GLOSSE are back with a brand new single titled Malibu Long Haul, a song about long-distance relationships. I was drawn towards this song thanks to its dark electronic atmosphere that is absolutely captivating. The smoothness of the electronic production, packed with awesome synths and killer beat, perfectly compliment the deep and rich vocals. I really like the dark synth-pop atmosphere of this song which is perfect for those chillout weekends at home. Stream it below!

Lead singer Jack said,
Malibu Longhaul came about from a long distance relationship that frayed. It's about the painful realisation that even though the other person still feels strongly about you, the connection you thought you had, and how you felt about them, was something you built up in your head. It's a confession of the times you realise you fooled yourself, into thinking something was more important to you than it really is, and so ended up fooling the other person too.

GLOSSE is a German word that means the writing between the lines and, with this in mind, the ethos of GLOSSE is to create music that is highly introspective but also provides an unflinching commentary for people’s lives, so they can recognise and reflect on their own experiences of love and loss, desires and self-truths.