FLAVIA Unveils New Single ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Here’

FLAVIA Unveils New Single ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Here’
Los Angeles-based electronic singer-songwriter and producer FLAVIA has just unveiled her gorgeous new single I Don’t Wanna Be Here. What first caught my attention was her beautiful voice, super distinctive and powerful which makes the song stand out even more within this tough genre.

This infectious piece of electro-pop music is packed with groovy electronics and celebrates love regardless of gender, race or sexuality. The song mentions those feelings we have at the early stages of a relationship, where you want to spend each and every moment with that special one. On I Don’t Wanna Be Here FLAVIA showcases her songwriting skills with her lush, soulful vocals soaring over the groovy electronic production. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song FLAVIA said,
it’s partially about a woman I was dating and partially about my long-term boyfriend. As a bisexual woman, I feel that I need an equal balance of masculine and feminine love in my life, this song is a reminder that love has no boundaries.
There is a tangible strength in FLAVIA's music, an unapologetic curiosity about life, love, and sexuality. Layered over fluid and powerful beats that make you dance hips first.
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