AVIATOR Releases New Single "Harassment / Coming Out"
Time for some highly addictive piece of House/Techno music! Russian DJ/Producer AVIATOR has just unveiled his brand new single Harassment / Coming Out. I am loving this one guys! All I want to do is close my eyes and surrender to the infectious beat!

The song is packed with a driving four-by-four bassline, killer synths and an overall chill vibe that's simply captivating. It transports the listener to the images of dark dancefloors and black leather, the music charging the air with an almost sensual frenzy through the haze of cigarette smoke. AVIATOR creates dark and sinister melodies where vocal snippets flow over the production, featuring glaring testimonies of sexual assault scandals that have been a primary source of media attention over the last few years. Stream this brilliant song below!

AVIATOR has hinted that a music video for the track features actors from Moscow's BDSM community.