Story & Blue Drop New Single ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’

Story & Blue Drop New Single ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’
Los Angeles-based indie-pop duo Story & Blue, comprised of songwriters Tova Litvin and Tyler Shamy, have just unveiled their brand new single Don’t Tell Anyone. I really liked the way they used the Hush, Little Baby sample here which gives the song a haunting and magical vibe. Their voices fit perfectly together and their harmonies are impeccable and are the star of the song by giving it an intimate touch. 

The song has a smooth, dream-like atmosphere mostly thanks to the minimalistic instrumentation, the use of the lullaby and their haunting harmonies. This is quite a warm and soothing pop song and you can listen to it below!

Songwriters Tova Litvin and Tyler Shamy originally met on the LA writing scene at a terrible networking party at the legendary Hotel Cafe, and somehow became good friends and collaborators anyway. After working together on several projects, the two realized they shared a mutual love of offbeat lyrics, Middle Eastern riffs, violins and an inappropriate sense of humor. Soon after, Story & Blue was born.
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