Skyler Stonestreet Unveils New Single "It Kinda Hurts"

Skyler Stonestreet Unveils New Single "It Kinda Hurts"
Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Skyler Stonestreet has just unveiled her sophomore single, It Kinda Hurts. The song is a highly infectious piece of pop music about the love-hate stituation that happens after a relationship is over. Loving the guitar licks and her soaring, distinctive vocals that flow effortlessly over the groovy production.

To accompany the release Skyler dropped a stylish video directed by Jason Koffeman. The video tells the story of Skyler's night out to see an ex, with her new beau along for the ride... a blow up doll. It's a cool video and it fits perfectly with the somewhat playful delivery of the meaningful lyrics. Watch it below!

Speaking about the song Skyler said,
It Kinda Hurts tells the tale of what happens after a relationship - that sticky place in between love and hate, where seeing someone you once had feelings for, well, It Kinda Hurts. It's a song about how emotions and connections just don't immediately dissaper because you stop dating someone.

That’s something I went through, and I know people out there have been through something similar, being happy for someone but also having it sting when they are seemingly happy without you.
Speaking about the video Jason Koffeman said,
We wanted to make a video that tapped into that messy feeling Skyler is singing about. A left-of-center love story for nobody and everyone all at once.
To create that world, Skyler and Jason worked hand-in-hand to create the video's own time and place. It lives just outside o the real world, back in the fantasy of 90s dirty glam, full of vintage dresses, wigs and busted barbies. With sparkles of Cyndi Lauper, a touch of Courtney Love, and a meeting on the Sunset Strip with Skyler's breathy voice to contrast.

Skyler gained notice as a writer and vocalist on tracks like The Chainsmokers' platinum single Kanye, and Cheat Codes and Nicky Romero’s Sober. She also wrote Marshmello’s dance hit Chasing Colors, and Dua Lipa’s global hit IDGAF, which has over 600 million streams.

Her music has been featured on Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Jane By Design, Switched At Birth, Royal Pains, Ghost Whisperer, and many more.
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