Sipho The Gift Drops New Single ‘Hold Up’
South African rapper and MC Sipho the Gift has just unveiled his brand new single Hold Up, out now via Pontoon.

I am loving the flow of his rhymes over the melodic and rhythmic beat which is highly contagious. This is a great way to make Hip-Hop music with a mainstream appeal and a feel-good vibe. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Sipho said,
Hold Up is an exciting song about love. A resilient love that’s withstood, not only the test of time but, any obstacles thrown its way. I’m in love myself and this was a huge inspiration to me. I think not enough rappers talk about it for fear of appearing soft or wearing their hearts on their sleeves. The sound is fun, melodic and very rhythmic which is something I’m hoping to explore a lot more in the future as I play with more sounds
Hold Up is the first new music to come from Sipho this year and sets the tone for his upcoming third project INDIGO - with more tracks and videos to follow.