Qwade Dunn Drops New Single "Girlfriend"

Qwade Dunn
New Zealand-based pop artist - and heartthrob in the making - Qwade Dunn has jsut unveiled his gorgeous new single Girlfriend, taken from his upcoming EP, Sex and Emotions, set to arrive early next year.

Loving his super smooth and distinctive vocals which ooze so much sensuality over this summery production. I am also enjoying the spanish guitar-based melody which add a latin flair to the song that highlights his sexy vocals. The song is a complete eargasm of summery pop music and you can listen to it below!

I have a feeling that Qwade is on his way to melt a lot of teens and young women with this sultry song and I bet they will all want to be his girlfriend, hehe. With that look and voice and knack to deliver highly infectious music I can see he's going far with his career. Can't wait to check out more of his music soon!