Myles Travitz Unveils new Single "Headspace"
North Carolina artist/producer Myles Travitz has just unveiled his brand new single Headspace. His soulful vocals drew me towards this soul/pop-tinged piece of electronic music. I really like the introspective atmosphere of the song and the way the piano keys highligth the emotion of the song. I can relate with this song because those late night thoughts just don't leave me alone and I just want to sleep.

If you are into smooth and soulful pop music with an introspective atmosphere and anthemic chorus then you will love this one. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Myles said,
My mind is a starscape of thoughts that aren’t always easy to turn off when going to sleep. Anything from random interactions throughout the day to questioning existence is fair game. Headspace started with the idea of depicting the last moments of consciousness in a day. That time is filled with introspection which is fascinating to me. The stillness of meditation also played a major role in the creation of the lyrics.