Kodaline’s ‘Politics of Living’ Out Now

Kodaline’s ‘Politics of Living’ Out Now
Kodaline, Ireland's prodigal sons and one of my favourite bands, have just released their stunning new album Politics of Living, out via Sony Music.

Politics of Living sees Kodaline team up with some of the hottest production and writing talent imaginable including hitmaker supreme Steve Mac (‘Shape Of You’ by Ed Sheeran), pop guru Johnny Coffer (Rag’n'Bone Man, Beyonce), Jonas Jeberg (Dizzee Rascal, Kylie Minogue), Stephen Harris (Miles Kane, Kaiser Chiefs) as well as long-time collaborator Johnny McDaid (‘What About Us’ by Pink).

This new album shows their new sound that germinated during their sessions with Kygo for the global hit Raging and now they present a more powerhouse pop sound that still keeps that emotional depth we all love from them.

The 12-track album has already spawned several singles that I simply adore: The super moving song Brother on which Steve Garrigan’s vocals have never sounded so passionate. Nor has the band ever sounded so fresh. This beautiful song was then followed by the anthemic powerhouse pop single Follow Your Fire, which quickly showcased the new sound of the album. 

This summer Kodaline gifted us with the gospel-tinged Shed a Tear, the magical Worth It and the mandolin-driven Head Held High. With all these singles Kodaline made sure that they are ready to cement their place amongst the UK's  best in 2018! Each single is as amazing as its predecessor and the whole album is a joy to listen.

I am absolutely in love with every single song on this album and, apart from the released singles, I would highlight the emotional Angel, on which you can feel every single word Steve sings and the haunting melodies and delicate piano keys contribute to its big emotional impact. 

The drums and guitar lines on Hell Froze Over make the song stand out thanks to its punchy energy and attitude.

I Wouldn't Be is a powerful, heartfelt ode to mothers and fathers everywhere and is packed with powerful vocals and stunning harmonies. This is such a soulful song that stands out in this album by being more stripped back, focusing on the beautiful lyrics and vocals.

Overall, Politics of Living show a new direction for the band by delivering anthemic songs perfect to sing along to. The album contrasts with its 2015 mellow and melancholic predecessor, Coming Up For Air, by leaning towards a more electronic approach but the core emotion and message remains the same. This is music for the heart with an anthemic, powerhouse approach. Stream this gem below!

Kodaline are - singer Steve Garrigan, guitarist Mark Prendergast, bassist Jason Boland and drummer Vinny May.
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