HoneyChrome Drops New Single "Boomerang"

HoneyChrome Drops New Single "Boomerang"
Brooklyn-based artist HoneyChrome has just unveiled his brand new single Boomerang, a fun and catchy piece of fresh pop music about the feelings one has during the early phase of a relationship.

Boomerang is written by HoneyChrome, produced by Mike Rogers (Deee-Lite, Erasure, Chubby Checker), mastered by Randy Merrill (Lady Gaga, Adele) at Sterling Sound. I am really enjoying the synth works here that give me a retro vibe of 80s pop and the infectious chorus sticks to your head after the very first listen. Stream this cool song below!

Speaking about Boomerang HoneyChrome said,
This song is my first commercially produced and engineered song. It's about that early phase in a relationship where you're excited but anxious. When you spend every moment wondering if they're thinking about you, or wondering when they're going to text you back.
HoneyChrome's mission is to use music, dance, art and sound energy to heal the world. He says, 
I share my truth through music in an effort to show you that you are not alone; you can get back in touch with your true self. The more people that become one with themselves, the faster we will move towards peace on Earth.

These truths have been buried for centuries by those in power. I am here to rally the masses and smash the locks that power has had on humanity; to expand the infinite love that is within each and every one of us.
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