Ghost Caravan Unveils "Shine On" Music Video
Canadian collaborative project lead by songs and vocals of Shaina Silver-Baird have just unveiled the official music video for the debut single Shine On

What I liked most about the track was its upbeat electro-pop production and positive message. Her lush and commanding vocals give that extra power to the song's empowering message. The Elise Bauman-directed music video for this song perfectly matches the upbeat and feel-good vibe of the song and you can watch it below!

Speaking about Shine On, Shaina Silver-Baird said,
“Shine On” is an explosion of self-celebration. What started as a break up song, became an upbeat, feel good discovery of what it means to truly let your light shine against all odds. “Shine On” is the re-birth after loss, the dance party in your underwear, the uncontrollable laughter with friends. It’s a call to action: “Keep yourself moving into the sound, shine on!”
If you are feeling low then just watch this video and soon you'll be smiling and enjoying your day.