f o l l o w t h e r i v e r drops new single "nocturnal // interlude"
Italian singer-songwriter f o l l o w t h e r i v e r, the moniker of Filippo Ghiglione, has just unveiled his brand new single nocturnal // interlude. What drew me towards this song was its mellow and introspective vibe that's quite appealing. I am loving the emotion that comes from his soulful vocals and how they flow over the melodic, and melancholic, electronic production. This is such an enthralling piece of indie-pop music and you can listen to it below!

Speaking about the song f o l l o w t h e r i v e r said,
it's a sort of "Frankenstein creature song", because it's the combination of to different ideas that i had in two differents moment in time. The "nocturnal" part (actually the second part of the song) was just a melodic idea that i had one spleepless night some months ago. The "interlude" part is much more recent, and when i wrote it down, it seemed natural to me to continue this idea with the "nocturnal" part. So the title "nocturnal // interlude". It's song about what i feel when i sing and perform in front of a public, my emotional situation and the way i feel when other people listen to my music.
I recorded this song in a couple of days with a little team in a house lost in tha mountains of Valle D'Aosta (a region of my country), trying to create a sort of empty space between the low frequencies and high ones of the electronic beat, a space that i could fill with my processed vocals and my mellow electric guitar with lots of effects (dealy and reverb). We were trying to recreate the atmosphere described in the lyrics of the song, a sort of beautiful melancholy.