FERGUS releases new single "Willow"

FERGUS releases new single "Willow"
London based singer/songwriter FERGUS has just unveiled his brand new single Willow, out today via Goldun Egg Records. If you're into Folk-tinged alternative music then you'll love this song.

Those haunting vocal harmonies got me hooked to the song and his stark delivery gives the song a captivating touch. The electronic melody is very hypnotic and smooth and is the perfect background to highlight his lush vocals. Willow is a stunning, almost ethereal-like, emotional lullaby that gets stuck to one's head after the very first listen. Stream this gem below!

Speaking about the single, FERGUS said:
This one started out as a poem set to music really - a lullaby, after close friends had a baby girl called Willow! I wanted to paint a beautiful, peaceful image lyrically, inspired by this new life, a new beginning, and voyage into the unknown. The message is, that fundamentally, everything is going to be ok - "don't weep for me, Willow". It's as much a message to me, as it is to her and makes an uplifting (and welcome!) contrast to the first two songs.
Willow follows the release of debut single You or Nothing and follow-up track Sinking. Willow continues along a poignant emotional journey as t