Russian electronic duo Djinn City, consisting of electronic musician and poet Aidar and classically trained multi-instrumentalist Timur, have just unveiled their brand new single How to Lose a Friend. This is quite a groovy and addictive piece of electronic music. The melodies are quite captivating and have a futuristic and spacey atmosphere that makes me want to play the song over and over again. The delicate vocals give the song a dreamy vibe and if you're into groovy electronic music with pentatonic melodies then you'll enjoy this one. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Aidar said,
The song is very short, but has lots of stuff going on. It begins with a Tatar violin melody played by a village musician, continues with choir samples and African-styled guitars and ends with a synth solo inspired equally by Jean-Michel Jarre and Rachmaninoff’s choral symphony "The Bells”.