Dani Kays Unveils New Single “Saviour” ft. Lexi Scatena
Time to dance! Awedish up and coming electronic music producer Dani Kays has just unveiled his brand new single Saviour, featuring the lovely vocals of American pop and soul singer/songwriter Lexi Scatena.

What drew me towards this song was the lush piano keys and its infectious energy. This is one song that will get you hyped and dancing in no time. Loving its soaring synths and kickdrum that make me want to get up and dance. Lexi's soulful vocals flow effortlessly over this groovy electronic production and, combined with the piano keys, provide an emotional depth to the song. Saviour is definitely a song perfect for the weekend and shares the message of being saved from hardships. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Dani said,
I like writing lyrics that in some way can be relatable, at least to myself. I also think it’s up to the listener to interpret it as its own since we all have different stories of how we grew up and what happened during that time. But in the big picture, it’s a metaphor for finding that special person, thing or interest that makes you get through the day. For me, it’s about being deep down, you don’t know how to get up, you’re trying and you’re trying and no matter what you do, it just isn’t enough. And it’s about finding that special purpose that just grabs you hard and pull you up. If you’ve ever experienced that special thing, you know exactly what I mean. So [it's about] being saved from something that’s not good for you.
Lexi added,
I would describe “Saviour” as a mix of electronic dance and pop. The way I interpret the song is that there is someone or a passion that is pulling you out of a toxic state of mind and is leading you on to the right path. No matter how dark a situation is, there is always a light. I was dealing with a stressful phase of life where I was really lost and didn’t know which direction to go in with life. When I read the lyrics to Saviour, I almost cried because I resonated with it so much. For me, “Saviour” is the introduction to the new chapter of my life. I think everyone is need of a little saving, but I think our youth is in desperate need of being saved from the pressures and expectations that our modern society has placed on them. I look back to when I was growing up, and what I experienced is not nearly as stressful nor intense as kids today are dealing with.