Coyle Girelli Unveils New Single "Love Kills"

Coyle Girelli Unveils New Single "Love Kills"
Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Coyle Girelli has just unveiled his brand new single Love Kills, the follow up to his debut single, Where’s My Girl?. This song is the title track of his highly anticipated debut solo album Love Kills, out on Friday, September 21st!
I am loving the overall mood of this song. It has a Bond vibe that's quite hypnotising. Its refreshing retro sound mixes the crooning influences of Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash with the aural theatre of David Bowie and the soaring operatic melodies of Ennio Morricone. I am loving his vocals here and the echoey, twangy guitar riffs that are simple captivating. Stream this gem below!

Girelli’s solo project departs from the alt rock sound of his band The Chevin and shifts into a new kind of sweeping cinematic music with a dark, lusty and soulful Americana tone that Girelli labels Modern Noir.
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