Conn Raney Drops New Single "Simple Man"
LA based Pop/Hip Hop artist Conn Raney has just unveiled his brand new single Simple Man and this is a beautiful piece of pop music. Once again Conn showcases the power of his soulful vocals over a highly infectious melody. I am loving how the guitars give the melody a groovy touch and the addition of a gospel choir just gives the song an anthemic vibe which brings that extra boost of energy and emotion.

On Simple Man Conn demonstrates his talent to craft a highly infectious piece of pop music with folk, hip-hop and gospel elements. Stream this beautiful song below!

Speaking about the song Conn said,
I wrote Simple Man during an extremely trying period of time in my life. Within a year and a half I lost my grandfather, William Huston Pearce, and my high school football coach, Jeff Martin. My grandfather died at the age of 95 and Jeff died a sudden and unexpected death due to heart complications when he was only 47 years old. However, both of these men shared something in common. Their lives were the embodiment of the message behind Simple Man: you will make mistakes in life and that’s ok. We all tend to live our lives with a great deal of pressure placed on ourselves to never fail. While they made plenty of mistakes, and so have I, Simple Man is a reminder to never give up on yourself or those around you!