Closed Doors Unveil Debut Single ‘All Night’
Swedish electro-pop duo Closed Doors, consisting of multi-instrumentalists and songwriters Shivan and Julian, have just unveiled their debut single All Night. If you are into groovy electro-pop music you're in for a treat.

All Night is a song about the insecurities many people face within a relationship. The serious issue is wrapped around a groovy electronic production packed with cool synths, lush guitar licks, delicate piano keys and an infectious beat. The smooth vocals give the song a touch of soul and R&B which adds to the emotional depth of the lyrics. Stream this smooth pop gem below!

Speaking about All Night the duo said,
The song is based on the frustration that someone feels about how much they want to work for the relationship to work out, but the other party being indecisive and hard to deal with in a situation that is already messed up. The plot builds upon a relationship that has been good, but is starting to see it’s darker days.
The message we are trying to convey through the song is that even though we sometimes feel like we are working really hard to make something work, it doesn’t always turn out for the better.