Chloe Lilac Unveils New Single "Summer"
Brooklyn native singer-songwriter Chloe Lilac is back with a brand new single called Summer. I was drawn to this song thanks to the guitar lines and of course her sultry and distinctive vocals.

Summer follows her previous single Stolen Liquor and is a closer approach to pop then its mellow predecessor. I love how the song builds up slowly up until the explosive, bedroom-pop style chorus kicks in and makes one want to sing along to it. There is also a nostalgic vibe to the song that will get you reminiscing about all the fun you had during these summer nights that are soon to be over. Stream this lovely song below!

Speaking about the song Chloe said,
Summer 2018 was a very pivotal summer for me in my adolescent years. It’s a summer that I’ll never forget, and I felt an overwhelming desire to express it. That, and being a kid in New York City is such a magical reality I live that I’m extremely grateful for. I feel like this song really encompassed those experiences for me.
Chloe Lilac is quickly gaining a following for her unique lo-fi stylings and raw lyrical content rooted in personal youthful experiences.