Boy Afraid Unveil Debut Single "Evasions"

Boy Afraid Unveil Debut Single "Evasions"
Swedish pop duo Boy Afraid have just released their debut single Evasions. This is a guitar heavy electro pop track and I'm really enjoying it. The duo blends sad vocals and synths with different percussive instruments to create a funky mix of pop music that is quite captivating.

I am loving the guitar riffs here, they bring a cool edge to the song and the Rhodes piano keys give somewhat of a melancholic vibe to the melody. If you're into catchy pop music with awesome guitar works and percussion then you'll love this one. Stream it below!

Boy Afraid consists of Tobias Ringsten and Erik Bjarnar. After international success with their respective bands (Overjoyed and The Sun Days), Boy Afriad now release their debut single ”Evasions” on Blinding Recordings.

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