BAER Unveils End of Summer Anthem "Addicted To Vibes"
Summer is almost over and Los Angeles based multi-cultural Pop artist BAER just gifted us with an end of summer anthem called Addicted To Vibes.

I love her dreamy vocals which flow perfectly over the electronic production. There's a feel-good, summery vibe of this song that gets me all energised and wanting to bust a move, though I shouldn't, hehe. Once again she delivers an awesome piece of electronic music with killer synth works, groovy guitar lines, nostalgic piano keys and an overall anthemic vibe. Stream it below!

Addicted to Vibes was written by BAER, JVZEL, and Mugz,and produced by Zack Djurich (Kanye West, 5 Seconds to Mars etc). It comes a few weeks after her earlier single, Taxi with Mickey Shiloh. Speaking about the song BAER said,
Addicted To Vibes is an anthem for all the young people in complicated relationships who can’t commit. I currently live in LA, so I talk to friends all the time who are clearly in some sort of romantic situation, but act the opposite. It’s almost like you gotta self sabotage the relationship so you can still be in control.