Wildeyes Unveil New Single "Nothing Less, Nothing More"
Hey guys! I've got a Folk gem for you that's simply breathtaking! Indie Folk/Americana trio Wildeyes, comprised of Daniel and Emily Kohavi and Max Hoffman, have just unveiled their gorgeous new single Nothing Less, Nothing More.

As soon as I heard Emily's vocals I knew I was going to love this song. She conveys so much emotion with her raw, yet sweet, vocals which are incredibly captivating. The Ukulele/Banjo and guitars perfectly back up those lush vocals and give the song a hypnotic and emotional vibe.

Nothing Less, Nothing More is a beautifully crafted song and it's one of those songs that completely take one's full attention throught the song. Here the trio showcases their awesome songwriting skills by taking the listener to a journey about a new found courage after a break up. Stream this gem below!

About the song:
This song is less about a love lost and more about a courage found. It seems to me that there is a counterfeit among us that we like to call love, but it isn’t love at all. Instead its like a dystrophy of the soul that we embrace for fear of a life lived alone. The protagonist seems like a woman to be pitied, but she is not. This is a woman that has lived, loved, and lost with dignity and grace. Her frailty is found to be her fortitude. Instead her lover, the source of her torment, is found to be the feeble character in need of the strength that only she possesses. And so “Nothing Less, Nothing More,” is a reminder of the reality behind the veil of perception. The weak, the long-suffering, the merciful, these are the heroic among us.