The Young Sires Unveil New Single ‘Mulholland Drive’
LA-based trio The Young Sires are back with a brand new single called Mulholland Drive. Like its predecessor, The Way It Feels, this one is a highly infectious piece of synth-pop with that 80s vibe that I love. Those smooth, airy vocals sweep me off my feet once again and set a chillout/laid back mood for the song that's very hypnotic. It's a perfect track for those lazy weekends at home or night drives. Stream it below!

About the single they said,
The song is reminiscent of my brother & I’s time moving to LA a few years ago & reaching for the stars. The song is a bit of an ode to the graveyard of dreams that resides in Cali, & to all those who’s dreams were realized. The song captures a playfully sarcastic tone about how amazing California is, because it is.... it always seemed inviting but that place/environment was much more savage than my brother and I had initially anticipated.“It’s waiting for ya, you’re gonna find better days in California, under the sunshine & haze, up on Mulholland Drive...” The song has a very 80’s dance-pop tone to it & sets a night drive perfectly.