Sophia Danai Drops New Single "Guns & Gold"
Canadian singer-songwriter Sophia Danai has just unveiled her brand new single Guns & Gold, the second single to be lifted from her upcoming Real Lies EP, set to arrive in March 2019.

I am loving those groovy and heavy guitars that give the song a cool vibe that got me hooked from the very first listen. Sophia's distinctive and soulful vocals are perfectly back by an addictive electronic production where the guitar and percussion are the dominant elements. The super infectious chorus is perfect to sing along to and I just can't get enough of those awesome guitars. They are simply amazing!

To accompany the release Sophia unveiled the Jon Thomas-directed visuals which fit perfectly to the song's mood. Watch it below!

Speaking about Guns & Gold Sophia said,
When I wrote “Guns & Gold,” I was going through some challenges in my life that were beyond my control, and I became obsessed with MMA. The self discipline and drive the sport demanded inspired me, and the mentality required of a martial artist became something I strive for in my own craft. Also, with the rise of Ronda Rousey and female fighters I felt empowered. I had never seen a woman be so celebrated in that arena - she literally changed the industry and created a space for women in the world of MMA. I wanted to write something that would be my own personal walk out theme, a mantra, if you will. In the music industry, you hear a lot of no’s before you get a yes, and “Guns & Gold” is a reminder to myself to keep getting up and fighting for what I want.