Riley Pearce Unveils New Single ‘Eastbound’
Australian singer-songwriter Riley Pearce has just unveiled his brand new single Eastbound, the title track of his latest EP, out now.

This is such a gorgeous piece of folk-tinged indie/pop music. His deep and soothing vocals are the star of this smooth song. I am loving the guitar riffs and the hauting harmonies. This is quite a gem guys! Other stand out tracks off of the EP are the oustanding If I Knew, which I love due to its haunting harmonies and beautiful melancholic soundscape, and Misplaced which is just a pleasure to listen to. Stream the EP below!

Speaking about the EP Riley said,
Unintentionally all of the songs on Eastbound ended up being about a series of different relationships I have in my life. Some with friends, some with my family, my partner, and the passing of my youth. I recorded the EP with Hayden Calnin & Andy Lawson at Debaser Studios and there’s a noticeably and more definite focus to the production this time. That was a huge part of bringing Hayden on board, I wanted to really bring people into the songs and make them visualise, reflect and daydream about their own relationships and what they meant.