Riike Mo Unveils New Single ‘Leaves Don’t Lie’
Riike Mo, the artistic project of Swedish songwriter, producer, artist, musician and arranger Erik Moberg, has just unveiledd his smooth new single Leaves Don't Lie, a song that reflect his life in Milan where both happiness and anxiety ended up in a minor personal crisis. I am loving his vocals here. They sound so vulnerable and soothing which make the song quite captivating. The production is awesome and I am loving those guitars and the occasional, lush piano keys just sealed the deal for me. If you're into beautiful indie-folk music with great storytelling and delicate vocals then this one is for you. Stream Leaves Don't Lie below!

Speaking about the song Riike said,
The song was born on a train in Italy, from Milan to Rimini. It's about big decisions in life and realizing that the decision you just made was a good one.
Riike draws inspiration from artist such as Bon Iver, Loney Dear, and Blonde Redhead.