Texas-based electronic artist Prismo, the moniker of producer Zach Burgett, has just unveiled the official music video for his gorgeous single Solo. I am loving the energy of the song with lush electronics, heavy guitars and hard-hitting drums. His vocals are very powerful and fit the song perfectly! This is definitely a song that will give any listener an energy and confidence boost and I simply can't get enough of that electric guitar!!

The music video follows the same vibe of the song and focuses on transmitting the message of overcoming negativity. Watch it below!

Speaking about the video Zach said,
The “Solo” music video is about overcoming negativity and destroying my old self. The mannequin is a symbol of my past self when I let people take advantage of me. I had to destroy that person to make room for a new, stronger me. In the second chorus I have an enraged confrontation with the mannequin which represents my favorite theme of the song. At that moment I became aware of the unhealthy relationships that plagued me and I addressed those challenges face to face. After this confrontation I lay my old self to rest with fire and lead. Lastly I exit in clean white clothes freed from adversity with a new understanding of self-love and self-awareness.