Petrie drop summer pop banger ‘June’
Alt-pop duo Petrie return with a summer pop track called June. This sun-soaked banger features frequent collaborator and hilarious muse JESS who's pipes and lyrical genius pop up throughout the track. Loving the keyboards and rhythm section which are egged on by a boisterous bass synthesizer. The tune is strung together by a woozy wah-guitar riff that does its best to stop the mad groove from falling on its face. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Petrie explain
This is a song for when neither you nor your lover wants to admit the relationship is deteriorating, simply because you want to enjoy a gorgeous summer. No amount of factor fifty is gonna save you from the sun’s deceptively malevolent glare.
Petrie are preparing for their first ever headline show at London’s The Waiting Room on September 20th.