Luna reveals her 2nd electro-pop single ‘Immortalise’
London-based singer-songwriter and producer Luna has just revealed her latest single Immortalise, taken from her forthcoming debut Nostalgia EP, set to arrive this autumn. I'm really enjoying her smooth vocals and the infectious beat of this electro-pop track. There's a melancholic and hypnotising vibe in this song that I just can't get enough of. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Luna said,
In immortalising the people I write about, I can immortalise myself and the situation the way I saw it, or the way I wanted it to be - the song is about the power within that.
Luna confesses to struggling with anxiety and tries to embed her experiences into her music. Immortalise was written about a time when Luna’s mental health was at its worst, but she still describes it as being about,
Idealism and romanticism, and looking for meaning in the world around you. The want to dig beyond the visuality and find something less tangible and record and create meaning out of that.

Growing up around the London music scene, Luna began writing as a child while self-teaching guitar. She is currently studying at the London School of Economics, but previously interned at Young Turks for several months, which opened her eyes to more electronic music.