Kane Miller Drops New Single "All We Need"

Kane Miller Drops New Single "All We Need"
Time to strip things down a bit. Canadian singer-songwriter Kane Miller has just unveiled his brand new single All We Need. I am loving this song guys. Super smooth and touching. I am a sucker for stripped back songs and the acoustic guitar here is awesome and gives the song quite an intimate mood.

Kane's sweet and distinctive vocals flow effortlessly over the acoustic guitar and give the song a dreamy and ethereal vibe that's extremely captivating. Here he also showcases his storytelling abilities and makes sure to draw the listener's attention from start to finish. If you're into artist such as Damien Rice, Josh Ritter, etc, then you'll love this song. Stream it below!

All We Need captures Kane's strong softness that easily entices. Kane says about the track,
I wrote All We Need at the tail end of a relationship, and the song echoes what I was going through at that time. It starts off a bit hopeful with the chorus, "All we are is all we need" and by the end really turns that phrase into a question; Do I want more out of this [relationship] than what we already have? Or, if this is all we need, where are you when things aren't going well?
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