James Wyatt Crosby Unveils New Single ‘Lemonade (No I Never)’

James Wyatt Crosby Unveils New Single ‘Lemonade (No I Never)’
Canadian indie pop singer-songwriter James Wyatt Crosby has just unveiled his brand new single Lemonade (No I Never). As soon as I pressed play I knew I was going to love this song. The song's smoothness is incredibly addictive and here he showcases his enthralling melodic 80s indie pop sound.

Lemonade (No I Never) oozes summer thanks to its sun-soaked piano loops and groovy/funky guitar lines. I am loving how groovy this song is guys. James delivers here an uplifing and infectious cut with a dreamy atmosphere packed with 80s nostalgia. This song is perfect for the summer and you can stream it below!

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