Jade Bird shares Kate Moross directed video for new single ‘Uh Huh’

Jade Bird shares Kate Moross directed video for new single ‘Uh Huh’
20-year-old pop singer-songwriter Jade Bird – the most refreshingly exciting new voice in UK pop – has shared the Kate Moross official music video for her brilliant single Uh Huh.

The video finds Jade at her most commanding in an electrically-charged performance where she appears a fractal figure backed by powerful laser projectors that create unpredictable psychedelic patterns. It’s the perfect visual accompaniment for the new single - a raw, sharp-witted and fierce power-pop anthem. Watch it below!

If you're a regular visitor of the blog you know that I am absolutely in love with this song. The raspiness on her emotional vocals give the song so much power and give me vibes of a modern day Janis Joplin! With Uh Huh listeners are thrown into the heart of the chaos as a fierce Jade Bird imparts some tough love and important relationship advice to a man potentially blinded by lust. 
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