FrankK Unveils New Single ‘Hand on heart’
Swedish singer-songwriter FrankK has just unveiled her brand new single Hand on Heart, a very personal song inspired by her feelings wrapped around catchy hooks and poignant lyrics. 

I love how she delivers a dark themed lyrical content wrapped around a joyful soundscape. Her vocals are so sweet and are effortlessly backed by Bacall's electronic production. If you're into infectious electro-pop music with spot-on lyrics then this one is perfect for you. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song FrankK said,
A lot of my songs are about fantasies, and about money. I wrote a lot of them when I was really broke, which sort of made me obsessed with money. ‘Hand on heart’ however is a bit darker, and more personal, since it’s about trying to run away from oneself and about trying to fix oneself, even though it’s impossible. What’s broken is broken.
With an undeniable charisma, a colourful personality, and a logo consisting of a red rose, dripping with slime, FrankK wants to stand for being oneself to the fullest.